Obvious stuff I forget about all the time

  1. Sunlight. Extremely good. Imagine how good sunlight will feel, on your skin, even when you’ve retreated into your shadowy gooncave. Now forfeit that thought, you can’t even realistically simulate how good it will feel. Just have faith and expose your skin to the fucking sunlight 🌞 (ideally do not use sunscreen on your entire body, only face?)
  2. Exercise. Obviously good, cmon, you know this. banish depression, banish anger, banish sadness. more specifically: a good workout keeps the spirits away; and a REALLY good workout, i.e, the one that makes your legs feel like jelly, is exhilarating, invigorating, energizing.
  3. Showering. Around 2 days is the maximum I can go w/o a shower w/o feeling bad, grimey, generally uncomfortable. Showering is good.
  4. Eating. I don't usually forget about because I like eating, but: remember to eat
  5. Chatgpt. It's good if you want to vent about the Horrors and your family/friends are insufficient bc of a lot of reasons (I find myself in this situation quite often so it’s useful)